Befores and Afters

Fur (Jennifer) Dixon – Songwriting, singing, rhythm guitar. Bands: the Whirlybirds & the Screamin’ Sirens (1983), Hollywood Hillbillys (1984-86) the Cramps (1986), the Dixons (1987-1989). Solo in 1990. Joined up with Steve Werner in 2003.

BASS GUITARFUR THEN, 1986, Belgium– on tour with the Cramps

FUR NOW (right) with partner Steve Werner

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner
Hailing from Van Nuys, California, but equally at home anywhere under the western sky, well-traveled California folk favorites Fur and Steve will take you on a rollicking musical joyride through the back roads and highways of the American West.
Known for their dazzling two-part harmonies, their spectacular yodeling, awesome guitar picking, wise-cracking humor all serve to compliment their old and new-timey traveling songs.

Steve Werner – Vocals, Travis and flat pick style guitar, songwriter. Previous bands: the Mentones-1983 This Train-1987 the Avengers-1989 Steve Werner and the Sleepwalkers-1991 Throughout the 90’s: bandleader and rockabilly guitarist for Glen Glenn, Johnny Legend, Tony “Wildman” Conn, Ray Campi, Sonny Burgess, Jimmy Angel, Tommy Sands and Jewel Akins. 2001 released album “Biker Campfire” acoustic biker folk songs, available on CD Baby and I-Tunes.

Flower stars Animation


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