Art is Just Art But I Know What I Like

Visit the MAIN Cramps archive at:

If you have any favorite Cramps images, drawings, collages, etc., done either by you or by someone else (and those are pretty much the only choices there are), and don’t care if they appear on such a disreputable blog, send them to me at:

Here are some more of the images I have collected over the years. I’ve included credits and info where possible, but with many of them, I have no clue.

(Above) By kingpopgun

(Above) All three of these are by Jennifer Steffey.

(Above) From Emily Hughes:

I was quite moved by the passing of Lux Interior this year, not even 2 miles from my home in Echo Park. You see, he taught me to dance, I was 13 when I first heard The Cramps, combat boots and a mohawk, I just started twisting my hips and all the boys smiled. He made it so easy, to be sleazy.
Anyhow, in my mourning, I came across this photo of Lux, god he was hot, and it eerily reminded me of this oil painting of a dead sailer, titled “peace after the storm”, by Ferdinand Schauss, 1896. I hope Lux found some of that.
Man, I would give my left arm for an oil painting of a writhing Lux Interior asphyxiating on a mic cord on stage in the stink of a 1970’s New York- … Heaven. Then I’d give my right arm to be in Greece with Anna and Bart… armless in Greece.Link


I’m not clear on who actually did the above two, but I found them here:

Pretty wiggy! You can see more such at:

The five exhibits below were sent in by Crampologist Extraordinaire Patrick Bainée!

Jack’s Stomach was a cartoon single

BASIC, a French illustrated song book (front)

(… and back!)

Ad for Songs the Lord Taught Us by Druillet
Thrills was a magazine based in Rouen

(Above) By Rose-Marie Salmon, embroidery and paint on canvas.

More Cramps art, photos, magazine covers, posters, winding shrouds, torture devices, and other bits of intimate apparel.
My question is this: Is the Legion of the Cramped totally defunct? And if it is, could it be revived? And if it can, can WE do it, here and now? I’m up for it.
Let me know what you think, what you know, and what you think you know.


The Cramps
Illustration für die Band von Titus Ackermann


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