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The newly-remastered edition of Lux and Ivy’s Favorites volume 12 is now available at Kogar’s Jungle Juice. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough, and since it is free, you have no goddamn excuse not to get it. Go HERE:

Earlier volumes of this great series can be had HERE:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lux and Ivy’s Favorites!!!

by Kogar the Swinging Ape

Ok, I got kind of sick of repeating this story 1000 times. So figured I’d include this in the latest volume. I’m the guy who compiles the Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Compilations.

It started as a way to keep track of some of the songs Lux, and or Ivy, mentioned in THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE MUSIC BOOK. It was never really intended as anything but a way for a friend of mine and me to have 2 really kick ass compilations.

So we went about the arduous process

of finding all the songs mentioned in that interview. It took a loooong time. We used the file sharing program, Napster, as well as our own personal collections. So, one thing lead to another and when word got around that these compilations were out there, they started being traded from fan to fan to fan. So, at some point I decided to put them up on Napster and let anyone who wanted them have them. As the years went buy, more interviews with Lux and Ivy kept popping up, and the list of songs they mentioned got longer and longer. This resulted in new volumes.

People have asked why songs from THE PURPLE KNIF SHOW have appeared, or why a song or two have appeared that are on the SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US 3 cd set. Well its simple. The songs that are on TPKS are in less than stellar quality, and some are not featured in their entirety. So, I figured I’d feature them as part of LAIF. Volume one and two of LAIF “came out” or were compiled before STCTU appeared on the scene.

Other people have asked why these haven’t appeared as proper releases. The answer to that is easy. I’m not in this to make any money. Like I said above, I just wanted to make compilations for myself with some of the most amazing music ever put to tape. If other people enjoy them, great, but don’t expect to see these in stores or on ebay (unless somebody starts bootlegging them, but there is no need since they are easily available thru Soulseek and other file sharing programs).

When the series started I was working mostly from downloads. It was only really meant for a friend of mine and me. This was started in the mid nineties and I wasn’t very computer savvy at all. Over the years many of the originals have been acquired, either on vinyl or cd. It has always been my intention to go back and “re-mix” some of these tracks because the quality isn’t all that spectacular. Some volumes are better than others. Either way the intent was there, I hope some of the audio flaws aren’t too annoying.

Without further ado, here we go!

One of the last things Lux Interior did before he departed for That undiscover’d country from whose bourne No motherfucker ever returns (unless you believe the PR of a certain carpenter), was to provide the voice for an animated Mexican wrestler superhero called “Rayo X.” This character appeared in the English-language version of the film Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre, which appears to be cool as fuck and I need to get me a copy of it.
Anyhow, Lux’s superheroic turn is great news for all of us. Because, as any comic book fan knows, superheroes never stay dead. Superman, the Flash, half of the X-Men, Captain America, etc., have all kicked the bucket at least once, and they never fail to return in some surprising and/or downright stupid way. So it only remains to be seen how Lux will be resurrected. (Generally speaking, your best bets are time travel, magic, or not having really been in whatever it was everyone thought you were in when it blew up.)

It has been a year now since Lux Interior went to wherever a creature like that goes when the world becomes too small to contain him. The good part is, he left behind a lot of cool stuff for us to play with. We are sad that Lux has gone someplace where we can’t see or hear him, but just imagine what it would have been like had we never had him at all. It was, indeed, a wonderful life. Lux reveled in it and gave it freely to us. He showed us how it could and should be done, and repeatedly proved the impossible.
Who would have thought he’d ever reach 60? And, once he did, who would have thought he could ever die?
Lux, wherever you are right now, I know you aren’t resting in peace, for that was not your way. I hope you are someplace loud and sweaty, with an eternal stage for you to bleed on and an endless supply of microphones to swallow. May you stay sick, get fucked up , and blow up your mind forever in some beautiful garden where the natives are always restless. I wonder what new kind of kick you have found behind that green door.
So, no RIP for you, my friend. Rather, I will just say “well done,” and thanks for letting us share it. with you.


KOGAR THE SWINGING APE has announced that there will be a Lux Interior tribute radio show on Thursday, Feb 4th from 11pm to 1am. It will air on WRIR-LP 97.3 FM, Richmond Independent Radio, with Slickee Boys drummer, Dacoit Dan.

Kogar says, “You can listen live on the net, or download the show later when its available on their website…Dan was kind enough to let me pick most of the songs for the show. It’ll be a mix of Cramps tunes and Lux and Ivy favorites with interview bits, and movie trailers, and more.”

Here’s Dan’s page at the WRIR website:

And Kogar’s Jungle Juice blog at:

Later this week, Kogar plans to post the remastered version of “Lux and Ivy’s Favorites volume 12,” the Lux Interior Memorial edition, with a few mp3 tweaks and a new cover.


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